Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saying "NO" to Cable

Two years ago we thought we were making a huge sacrifice by giving up our cable. Football was on my husbands mind deterring him from saying yes. Frustration is the only thing that could describe my feelings every time the bill came in the mail. It was never the same price every month. I mean, lets face it, besides hgtv, football, and nickelodeon... We really only watch abc, NBC and CBS anyway. Finally, we just canceled it. We were paying about $60 a month. That is $624 a year!! We did sign up for Netflix! Which we love! Since the new switch, we still stream at $8 a month ($96 a year.) total savings: 528 dollars a year! I can honestly say I do not miss it! Netflix has also added a ton recently to streaming, including every episode of "Clean House." There is unlimited shows of Thomas, Veggie Tales, and Word World for our son.

Do you have cable? Have you ever considered putting an end to all those cable bills? Share your thoughts and comments...

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