Friday, August 17, 2012

18 Days Until my Baby is a Kindergartener!

For anyone who knows me, they know my babies are my life! When I became a mom on March 9 2007... I was overjoyed, anxious and then the thoughts of "is he really ours??" Those beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when they look at you, I was in love! At five years old, I can honestly say that my baby has a heart of gold! He is full of manners (most days) and always has common curtosey. Kindergarten is going to be a wonderful experience for him to grow.

More than anything in life, I wish that I teach my children how to grow into beautiful people and always stay true to themselves. In the world we live in, I always worry with the influences around my babies. So many sad things in the news. But as parent it is our job to protect our child and make sure they love one another.

Please share your experiences sending your babies into school. How do you prepare you kids?

God Bless!