Friday, August 17, 2012

18 Days Until my Baby is a Kindergartener!

For anyone who knows me, they know my babies are my life! When I became a mom on March 9 2007... I was overjoyed, anxious and then the thoughts of "is he really ours??" Those beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when they look at you, I was in love! At five years old, I can honestly say that my baby has a heart of gold! He is full of manners (most days) and always has common curtosey. Kindergarten is going to be a wonderful experience for him to grow.

More than anything in life, I wish that I teach my children how to grow into beautiful people and always stay true to themselves. In the world we live in, I always worry with the influences around my babies. So many sad things in the news. But as parent it is our job to protect our child and make sure they love one another.

Please share your experiences sending your babies into school. How do you prepare you kids?

God Bless!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

$1 COUPON AND Possibly FREE Oscar Meyer Selects Product!

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Thanks Couponing to Disney!!!

Starbucks Freebie on Friday!

  Stop by any Starbucks location on Friday, July 13, 2012, to get a free Tall (12 oz) Handcrafted Refreshers beverage from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
No purchase is necessary. One per person.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GOALS for 2012

Every year, we all make a new years resolution. This year, I am not only making a new years resolution, I am going to be setting a years worth of goals. Some little, some big... but ones I KNOW I can accomplish if I really put my mind to it with some help.

Acts of Kindness/ Paying it Forward- There is a lack of this is our world anymore and it can be the most simplest thing and it Contagious!

Read one book monthly.
For everyone that knows me, this may be a real challenge. But it is about putting time aside for myself and
learning new things to help better myself.

Monthly date night with my husband.
With kids, work and school... we lack time together. This could be as little as going to see a Sunday matinee
together or taking a stroll in the park.

Mommy/ Michiah time and Daddy/ Michiah time at least once a month.
This has something I said over and over again before our daughter was born nine months ago, but sometimes
life gets in the way. I want to make this a priority!

Increase savings, decrease debt/ spending
Being frugal, increas use of coupons and decrease any spending that is not needed ( my Amazon habit) and
setting aside more saving for our emergency fund.

Become natural
Between my kidney disease and my sons eczema, we have really started to become more aware of what we
are putting on and in our bodies.

Organize my photos better and keep them in albums
the digital world has made me lazy with this

Home made projects
ie there are clothes of my kids that I just cannot part with. I want to use them to make a blanket for them.

Become more spontaneous!

Become more involved in our church!
I would really like to get our nursery up and running again.

Cook more by using a menu plan
which will help with another goal of decreasing eating out/ fast food

Get Healthy!
Since being diagnosed with kidney disease within the last year, being at the early stages-- its all of me with
prevention. Losing weight and exercising as well as watching

Plan/ re- organize office.
It feels like no matter what we do, its paper paper paper and things get shuffled which doesnt help when you
lose a bill.

Teach my son how to read :)
I recently, well maybe not so recent, bought the hooked on phonics to teach preschoolers how to read. He has
really be itching and been doing wonderful with sight words.

Become more positive daily!

Laugh MORE