Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Patience, Anyone?

We all get pulled in when we take our children for pictures, even though we prep ourselves to not buy every picture. For some reason the photographer can get the picture that you want. Granted since we have added number two to the mix, pictures have become more frustrating. While, I do take my kids to get professional pictures taken, in between time, I set the scene and take them at home. You will need a lot of patience, especially when you have more than one child.

I wanted to take full advantage of the Walgreens deal of 40 free 4x6 pictures since Christmas is coming and our christmas cards are already bought and I just need to add a picture. So, even though my husband was at work, I went for it on my own. While, I beg you to please have a couple people on standby helping you.


"Look at the Camera"

One would think that the baby would have been the hardest, however my four year old would never look at me and smile at the same time. Once I would get him to smile and look at the camera, my daughter would be grabbing at his tie and chewing on it. So, you really do need time and patience to complete this task.

After 88 pictures, I was able to get one picture of the two of them together. While, I was completely exhausted at the end of all these pictures, it was so worth it!

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  1. Anonymous2.11.11

    Well sweetie, they are so worth it.... beautiful kids.. I can't believe how Mature Kai is looking... and Reese.. she's just the cats meow... love... hugs.. and kisses,... miss you
    aunt joyce